Posted by: daveed | July 16, 2008

Chris Nolan and his Joker

A longish Variety blog post about The Dark Knight has excerpts of a Q&A with director Christopher Nolan. This film has been getting tremendous buzz and praise—enough that it makes me want to see it, although I was merely satisfied with Nolan’s first Batman reboot, and had soured on superhero films after witnessing dialed-in stupidity of X Men: The Last Stand.

Scroll past the forgettable review to the excerpts. Here Nolan offers some fascinating insights about how he and his partners developed the character of The Joker, played by the late Heath Ledger:

As co-writer-director, I was very involved with script, which I began working on at the story stage with David S. Goyer. We wanted to push these characters and test them in new ways. We wanted to use The Joker as a catalyst, not as someone who has an arc or learns anything in the story. I like to say that he cuts through the film like the shark in Jaws…

The more you find out about those fictional characters the less threatening they really are. Our decision with The Joker was to not deal with the origin story and to laugh at that convention. We wanted him to be absolutely threatening in what he represents as a force of anarchy and chaos.

Other good stuff from Nolan regarding the writing process, the decision to shoot in Chicago and the inspiration for the apparently welcome direction he’s taken the Batman franchise toward.

Compare that to this hilarious The Dark Knight According to Überhack Michael Bay. A send-up, to be sure, but I think pretty close to the mark.

(I would absolutely love to see this made by the South Park geniouses in the vein of their utterly brilliant Team America: World Police, puppets and all…)


  1. […] An earlier post mentions Nolan’s development of the Joker character. (And no, I haven’t friggin seen it yet; judging by the box office records it’s smashing, I’m clearly the only person in this hemisphere who hasn’t…) […]

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