Posted by: daveed | August 12, 2008

The Dark “Hype”… believe it

After a thoroughly enjoyable time watching The Dark Knight, I posted some thoughts on it over at Q’Ner Industries (scroll down to my last comment in the thread). Here’s the kick-off:

I finally saw it. This was hands-down the best, most faithful representation of a graphic novel story I’ve ever seen. The moral ambiguity, the deadly-serious themes.

There were no cheesy one-liners (“Now, that’s what I call A BLAST” kind of tired shit), over-the-top caricatures. The movie simply told the story and didn’t try to come off as über cool. Which of course makes it über cool…

I heartily recommend Brian’s outstanding review as well.

Nutshell: it is pretty damn good, the best the genre has produced since the 1978’s Superman. Indeed, The Watchmen now has a very high bar to reach…


  1. yep, the less they try to make it cool the cooler it is

  2. Have you seen it yet?

  3. Watchmen is super overrated, no way it’s gonna be as good as the dark knight.

  4. I’m leaning toward “agree with you.” There are two things working against Watchmen: it’s not based on a decades-old property, with a cultural legacy of portrayals in film, TV, print etc.; and its alternate-history storyline, which resonated fairly well in the mid-late 1980s, might seem dated.

    Still, as a graphic novel, it is one of the best in terms of story, theme and so forth. The art is fairly average, certainly not pushing the envelope as other graphic novels did at the time.

  5. Yeah, the whole cold war nuclear holocaust thing is kind of dated, also most of the characters were forgettable except for Dr. Manhattan and the Rorschach guy (if that’s how you spell it).

    I guess when it came out it was really good, I don’t get all the hype. Graphically like you say its average, and the story seemed like a mess with a bad ending to top it off. Something about one superhero making monsters appear so the USA and USSR would band together against the threat and not declare war on each other, also there’s some murder thrown into it too.

  6. […] genre in very different ways, beyond simple hero worship. Ones that seek to plumb the depths for darker truths or dare accuse heroes of  complicity in perpetuating global chaos. Even ones that, while not […]

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