Posted by: daveed | August 13, 2008

Vancouver skyline

The masthead image above shows the West End of Vancouver as seen from the middle of English Bay. In the center of the photo lies The Eugenia (the building with the tree on top). According to the building’s architects, the tree and the height of the Eugenia symbolize the height of the old-growth fir forest (around 200′) that used to exist there, some thousands of years ago.

We were there in August 2007 on the second half of our honeymoon. Loved it.

I was hoping to find a suitable image for this blog’s design—not that the default one was bad. It was a rather nice shot of some coastal landscape. But utterly meaningless to me.

Then I went through some of the photos taken during our trip, hoping to find something that clicked, that gave a little more meaning to whatever the hell I’m doing in this blog. I found this one, remembering that I liked the composition (though I admit, the resolution is a little off). And in a bit of serendipity, it happened to match the color scheme of the blog. How about that.

Anyway, I like how the structure in the has a strong individuality to it and a good balance between organic and constructed elements. And that the architects put meaning into their creation, instead of just planting a fucking tree on the roof because it looked good…

Vancouver is damn cool. On many levels. Go there.

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