Posted by: daveed | August 15, 2008

Google Reader rocks

I recently got hooked on their aggregate RSS reader (still in beta, I think). It’s super easy to add and update subscriptions, and I especially like that when I view feeds from my Blackberry, Google Reader automatically converts non-mobile friendly pages. Requires setting up a Google username—gmail, blogger, etc.

It’s become my “morning paper” on the subway, which works great since I’m above ground for half my commute. I use it to keep up on some local and national news, particularly feeds from liberatrian outlets Reason Magazine and the Cato Institute. Plus a few good film related blogs, such as John August’s (Go, Big Fish, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Nines) outstanding screenwriting blog.

The feed for this blog is on their, too. Maybe I’m being a bit narcissistic, but I dig seeing this embryonic writing effort appear in an RSS feed. Subscribe here.


  1. Hi David!

    Don’t know John August’s page, but wanted to share this one I discovered:

  2. Hey man, thanks for the heads up… I chanced upon that site just a week or so ago. And I see there’s an RSS feed for it too.

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