Posted by: daveed | August 18, 2008

Tropic Thunder awesomeness

We saw it over the weekend. Stiller, Downey, Black and company delivered more laughs than all the Will Ferrell movies combined. And it was the first time I can recall anticipating the DVD release of a film while watching it.

I love how they’ve taken satire to a whole new level to create an entire Hollywood universe within a universe, complete with official actor websites, movie trailers and more. The Werner Herzog-esque mockumentary Rain of Madness is sheer brilliance.

Clearly there’s some deeply-mined inspiration here. As for Stiller’s Tugg Speedman character, name might even be spoof on Tom Cruise’s name, even though (or perhaps because of?) Cruise does a great turn as a crass and borderline-evil movie mogul.

But as we were leaving the theater, I saw this poster and believe I found Speedman’s real-world doppelgänger. Compare it with Speedman’s hard-guy poses on the official website for his latest in the faux Scorcher franchise, Scorcher VI, or even on Speedman’s own site, and there’s no doubt—Tugg Speedman is Nick Cage.

But Downey totally steals the show as Kirk Lazarus, taking the piss out of method acting and the near-schizoid lengths some actors go for their craft: “I’m the dude playin’ a dude, dressed like another dude!” He’s got most of the best lines and he knows how to vamp it up as Sgt. Lincoln Osiris. There’s a lot more of Downey-as-Lazarus-as-Osiris video on the Rain of Madness site. Check it out.


  1. Robert Downey Jr. cracks me up… he’s got a knack for not taking himself too seriously

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