Posted by: daveed | August 26, 2008

Musical interlude

Mute Math’s “Typical” gives me a nostalgic twinge, and a feeling of optimism. Maybe it’s because the track is firmly rooted in 1990s guitar sound (in a good way; the vocals are a little too pop-lite for my tastes). Like The Stone Roses, The Verve or an amped-up Sebadoh. And it evokes my own youthful—if occasionally misdirected and destructive—exhuberance. Unabashed, with a break-neck approach to life. Plus ça change…

Here they are doing a kick-ass performance of it on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late Show (which is the best damn late night talk show on the air right now):


  1. Nice.

    Sebadoh. Remember when the feud between J. Mascis and Lou Barlow was a routine point of discussion? I remember seeing Sebadoh in Chapel Hill in like ’95 and Barlow was still bitching about Mascis on stage.

    The 90s.

  2. I didn’t know about the feud. Sue used to hang with those guys back in the day (Dinosaur Jr., Marcy Playground, etc.). I should ask her…

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