Posted by: daveed | August 30, 2008

Return of The Verve

Ha, speaking of which… NY Press has a brief review of their latest:

These days, most of the Gen Xers who listened to “Bittersweet Symphony” in their dorm rooms, dreams of scuffling with the Gallagher brothers and/or making out with PJ Harvey swirling through their head like so many bong hits, are now tattoo-sleeved dads and bottle-blonde moms pushing Bugaboo strollers along the avenues of Park Slope. So it’s high time for a bit of nostalgia for the glory days of post-Nirvana indie rock: the “New British Invasion” of the mid/late-90s (spearheaded on mainstream radio by Blue and trotted after by the Verve, Oasis and Radiohead). The Verve’s first new record since 1997, Forth (out this week on the band’s imprint, On Our Own), is here to provide the soundtrack for your trip down memory lane.

And here I thought they were gone for good, victims of bad business decisions and drug abuse. Good to see them on the scene once more. I’ll be sure to give this new album a listen.

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