Posted by: daveed | September 6, 2008

The creative process behind Star Wars


Someone with the amount of free time I could only dream of has been diligently writing The Secret History of Star Wars, an examination of the Legend of Lucas and his most famous (and lucrative) creation.

The title is misleading—aside from the obvious historical framework, given the fact that Star Wars has been around for nearly forty years, it’s more than a history. The author has assembled a compendium of cultural touch-points, places where Lucas’s creativity was born, nurtured and, some might argue, died. It’s quite erudite, too, thankfully free of fanboy gushing or purist vitriol. I don’t think I ran across the words “jar jar” once…

I think this is a long-overdue look at one of the world’s most successful purveyors of entertainment. Because most of what’s written about the Legend of Lucas is useless fluff. Hopefully SHoSW will remedy that and put the Lucas legacy in its proper perspective. Here is a man who, as a nascent filmmaker, had a grand vision for the story he wanted to tell, and was able to bring that vision to life, making an indelible mark on film, culture, science fiction, marketing and more. For better or worse.

Anyway, I’ve browsed the articles and downloaded the e-book. You might want to get your PDF copy soon. Apparently a printed edition is forthcoming, supposedly an improved version. When that happens the e-book will be yanked, which the author says it might happen in September or October.

Lightsaber salute to Kevie Metal.

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