Posted by: daveed | September 27, 2008

From the bad cartoon idea vault

Further proof that everyone working in television in 80s was seriously high:

I don’t even remember this steaming pile of Saturday morning shit.

The pitch probably went something like this: “Hey, Private Benjamin is SO in right now and L-and-S is winding down. I know, we’ll have the girls join the Army! Only it’s FUCKING ANIMATED. Like a cartoon, ya know? They can go into outer space and fight aliens and shit for Uncle Sam. And get this, the drill sergeant is a PIG. A FUCKING CARTOON PIG!! It’ll be amazing!! A laugh RIOT! HAHA Wow…. yeah….. Man. Hey, anyone got more blow?”

What are some of the worst cartoons you can recall?


  1. that is so bad if I hadnt lived through it I wouldnt believe it.I didnt really like the movie either but the Beetlejuice cartoon was boring and made no sense.
    Goof Troop,with Goofy struggling as a single dad, probably takes the cake though.It made Oprah look exciting.

  2. the new kids on the block also had there own cartoon once I think

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