Posted by: daveed | October 6, 2008

Cure for the blue Mondays

If you click this link, you may find yourself challenged, stimulated and indeed amused. Not the kind of thing our work culture expects from its toilers on Monday morning. Or any morning. Because it’s likely to sustain you the rest of the week through whatever conference calls, status meetings or powerpoint nonsense you might be forced to endure. You have been warned…


  1. There goes everything…

  2. After the second hour, the music starts to implant homicidal thoughts in my brain. Thank god for the mute button…

  3. Can’t get past the big ball level. Need more free time!

  4. Eureka!

  5. Wait, why does that screen look different than the Big Ball level I’m working on?

  6. Have you set up an account (that way you can save your solutions)? Maybe IM me a screenshot…

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