Posted by: daveed | October 21, 2008

Laborous love

Great post from John August on the relative merits of one’s first screenplay. In my opinion he belabors the first-time-sex analogy, but I appreciate his honest appraisal that screenwriting is real work:

Screenwriting is a career of continuous effort marked by occasional highlights, not unlike trial law or professional football: a single case or game might be notable, but it’s what you do on a daily basis that determines your overall success.

The one I’m working on now isn’t my first, but it’s definitely the first I’ve tried to be very meticulous in crafting (as opposed to just vomiting scenes all over the page). Yeah, it is hard work, and I have to take it day by day—at the very least think about what I’m trying to accomplish. Whether or not I wisely use my time to advance that goal is another matter…

For those of you working in other creative fields, do you feel this kind of perspective is also applicable to say, illustration, art direction or photography?

And on a related tack, Kartik shares his thoughts on Stephen King’s On Writing, a book that, for a serial procrastinator like me, is often bitter medicine. But valuable nonetheless as I struggle to fully embrace my self-proclaimed status as “Writer”.


  1. Hmmm, interesting what King says about putting your desk in the corner of the room. I definitely find that the more isolated I can get when it comes to creative excercises, the better. Except for maybe making photos, but even that requires a mental detachment from my surroundings/companions if I’m going to give over to my wandering artistic eye.

    As for the John August idea, I’m gonna mull that one over since its not as direct a correlation to my process as a visual artist…

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