Posted by: daveed | October 30, 2008

Live and die in L.A.

The illustrious John August recently posted a clip from the web pilot for The Remnants—a “The-Stand-meets-The-Office” comedy set in Los Angeles after a plague has devastated civilization. Or, as alluded to in the script, turned most people into “something approximating a vampire yeti.”

August wrote and shot it back in February during the recent WGA strike, and it’s been on hold since then. I’d love to see this in full production. From just the two-minute clip, I think it has huge potential, especially as a low-fi web series that people would share across their social networks. And there wouldn’t be huge TV production barriers to surmount (ie, get in the way of the creative).

He’s also made the character bios and shooting script available here.


  1. […] The Remnants—and it luscious HD, too. More background on the story and its development here. As I mentioned a few months ago, it was created during last winter’s WGA […]

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