Posted by: daveed | November 3, 2008

Personal service announcement

Politics is a shitty, nasty business. But by tomorrow, we can flush most it away—at least for a little while.

Go vote. Even if the outcome is slam-dunk certain in your state, or the choices absolutely suck. It’s how we constitutionally cull the herd.

Oh, and Senators McCain and Obama? Good luck, but fuck off. Neither of you jackasses is getting my vote.


  1. I feel you, bro. I’m glad people are still waving the flag for a viable third party. I was out there for Nader way back when, totally disgusted with both parties, but that mindset didn’t survive the eight-year shit sandwich I feel like I’ve been force-fed. Now I’d be willing to vote for a sandwich just a little less shit in it.

  2. Nader was one of those candidacies that I would never vote for, but fully endorsed as a viable alternative. It’s so depressing that since I’ve been eligible to vote (1988 onwards), there hasn’t been one one major party candidate that I was truly jazzed about.

    I was undecided until the bailout fiasco, then became pissed over how wholeheartedly they both supported it.

  3. cant believe you didn’t vote for Obama — Yes We Can!

    Remember Poznan 1990 … we made a change! haha

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