Posted by: daveed | November 3, 2008

Release the Krapen!

Mystery Man on Film expounds upon the upcoming Clash of the Titans remake to offer up an insightful look at screenplay economy, exposition and pacing.

Part 1 brings us back to the 1981 sword-and-sandal epic, notable for being the swan song of stop-motion visual effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen. In Part 2, he skewers the remake script by newcomer Travis Beacham. Part 3 is a comparison between Beacham’s screenplay and one the revised by The Empire Strikes Back scribe Lawrence Kasdan.

Yeah, I saw CotT back in the day, and frankly thought it sucked, and 11 year-olds aren’t that discerning. I couldn’t care less about remake—further proof that Hollywood has run out of ideas—despite the fact that Kasdan is involved. (This project has the stench of low expectations stamped all over it, what with the unproven Beacham writing the first draft and the director being the guy who made Hulk 2 for chrissakes.)

Still, MM’s series of posts are an excellent look at what can make a story dynamic and moving. In the original, he pays particular attention to the Medusa sequence which, having just seen it again, I have to admit that it works.

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