Posted by: daveed | November 10, 2008

Screenwriting vitamin

Regarding my current screenplay, I first brought up the challenge of crafting it here, and bitched about it here, and came upon some completely effective, yet so simple advice that helped me map out a goddamn solid Act I. I’ve made inroads into the uncertain woods of Act II, with Andy and Gordy somewhere South of the Border, the fog of a foreign culture (Mexico) threatening to obscure my vision of the story.

And I haven’t even started writing a formal script yet, aside from a rough opening based on an earlier treatment (and a surprisingly suspenseful sequence that I likely won’t use). Fucking scary prospect, that. Because I get gripped—more like paralyzed—by the need to have everything just right before I can start.

That’s why reading this little mantra today was like a shot in the arm:

If you summon up a sufficient level of self-trust, enough to compel you from FADE IN to FADE OUT, you will find your story.

Repeat after me: You will find your story.

Finish your first draft.

It may not be a polished script.
It may be nowhere near submitting to agents and buyers.
It may well be, in fact, a mess.

“The only way out is through.”

Check out the whole thing here.

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