Posted by: daveed | December 3, 2008

Staying on track

Going to be seriously cranking out pages in order to finish up my latest class. (I’m pretty far behind, and trying to squeeze out some time and brainpower to devote to it—on top of work and moving.)

Good thing I have my official Dead Andy soundtrack to keep me going…

I’m fascinated by soundtracks, from clearly recognizable anthemic scores to aural impressions so subtle you hardly realize you’re listening to music. While compiling these tracks for Dead Andy, I could visualize scenes, characters, sequences in a way that I just couldn’t staring at friggin index cards.

One of my favorite cultural oases, the Museum of the Moving Image, had an awesome exhibit that let you choose different scores for scenes from movies. It was amazing to me how the mood of the scene was altered, depending on the underlying music. (The museum is currently closed for renovations; hopefully that exhibit will return once the place reopens.)


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