Posted by: daveed | December 20, 2008


Our great migration to the Burbs is complete, the painter has left us with beautiful walls and the sickening aroma of semi gloss. Getting acclimated to the new home and new environs day by day, with life becoming a little more orderly with every box we unpack.

My commute to the city is quite frankly, lovely. I became aware of it this week—despite having worked (no shit) 36 hours straight—I no longer feel completely beat up before I even get to the office, like I did riding the subway every morning. No insane crowds, shrieking mechanical noises, or transfer madness. Just one peaceful walk to the train followed by a simple, direct route to Midtown. And I ride the local, emerging from Grand Central almost completely rested and ready to face my daily travails in advertising.

Since I’m off for the next two weeks (I think the last time I had this much time off during the Holidays was 9th grade or something), I’ll be completing my first draft of Dead Andy and trying to catch up on 200 gazillion new cable channels. Oh, and Season 4 of Lost on DVD.

Speaking of cable, I have MTV again. Even MTV2, VH1 and about a half dozen iterations of both. Guess what? They all suck.

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