Posted by: daveed | January 5, 2009

Tick tock tick tock

I’ve been following the progress—and yes, anticipating the release—of the upcoming Watchmen movie. If the filmmakers have been true to their craft, they’ve been comparing their work with the seminal Dark Knight. Because the bar has been set quite high since this the coming of this latest installment in the Batman saga. If Watchmen doesn’t even come close to the level of that earlier film, it will fail utterly. (Unless the fucking lawyers kill it in the womb first.)

Some brief thoughts here about how it might resonate with audiences given the new cultural context of superhero films. Unfortunately, the author glosses over the intriguing premise that the genre has evolved into a kind of anti-superhero intellectualism and seems prejudiced against the film adaptation. Still, the article does a notable job of touching upon some of the moral and ethical questions the graphic novel raised, setting up expectations for how today’s audiences will likely react to the film version.

I’d love to get my hands on a copy of the screenplay somehow, if just to disspell, and hopefully not reinforce, my initial misgivings.


  1. […] Ones that seek to plumb the depths for darker truths or dare accuse heroes of  complicity in perpetuating global chaos. Even ones that, while not exactly super, are certainly are no less […]

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