Posted by: daveed | January 24, 2009

Not quite undead yet

John August has just uploaded the complete webisode pilot for The Remnants—and in luscious HD, too. More background on the story and its development here. As I mentioned a few months ago, it was created during last winter’s WGA strike.

Funny stuff, and good example of using dialogue to differentiate between characters for an ensemble cast. I’m not sure if it’s prime-time worthy; August believes the jury is still  out on the viability of a web series. Then again, it was kind of done on a lark and perhaps it has a strong enough idea at the core that with more robust production backing, it could be transformed into a successful show.


  1. I enjoyed this a lot. Particularly the chase sequence, where the characters burst into action only to spend five minutes trying to negotiate garden fences and stuff. Perfect.

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