Posted by: daveed | March 3, 2009

Hero worship

super-meFunny, for someone who wasn’t a big comic book/superhero fan as a kid, I’ve found myself quite caught up in the current zeitgeist—reading graphic novels again, watching Heroes (first season only; lost interest after that), writing fairly regularly about it here.

For instance, I’m fascinated by films that have been celebrating the genre in very different ways, beyond simple hero worship. Ones that seek to plumb the depths for darker truths or dare accuse heroes of  complicity in perpetuating global chaos. Even ones that, while not exactly super, are certainly are no less heroic.

My first love was sci-fi, especially Star Wars, but that oeuvre inexplicably took a massive detour through the Crapula Galaxy.

The most interesting explorations of human ability—power, aggression, justice, loyalty—are to be found behind masks, capes and costumes, just below the surface of secret identities. That’s where the important stories are.

Where else to go but create my own superhero persona, of course?

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