Posted by: daveed | March 22, 2009

Tarantino, you basterd

Quick sneak peek at Tarantino’s latest culture-clomp, a WWII yarn entitled Inglourious Basterds [sic]. First, some background about his typographically-challenged script.

A Tarantino war epic starring Brad Pitt as a quasi-sadistic commando leading a band of Jewish American soldiers on a murderous rampage through Nazi Germany. Expect lots of brains, guts and gore and little else. The more callow, nay, demented members of the nerd mafia who will be lining up to see it will no doubt laugh hysterically at every bone break, head bash and gut burst. And to show that he’s not a completely amoral ass, he’ll show us brutally victimized women. Just so we feel bad.

Quentin, please. Go back to making great ripoffs of other people’s work. Films I want to see again and again. Ones that have oddball characters I wanted to hang with. Jules and Butch. Max Cherry and Mr. Pink. Stop pretending you’re Roger Corman on meth.



  2. You tell ’em, Shug!

  3. […] I’m surprised. I thought it would be a mindless gore-fest, not a gab-fest. Already clocking in at nearly 150 minutes, it remains to be seen if Tarantino will […]

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