Posted by: daveed | May 25, 2009

Retro day

[Note: One of the things I neglected to adequately celebrate, aside from watching Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi over the weekend, was “Star Wars Day”. So in a bit of historical revisionism, this is retroactive to May 25.]


Mystery Man on Film has republished his post from May 25, 2007 where he analyzes in fascinating detail George Lucas’s various script drafts for Star Wars:

Let it be said, my friends, that the early drafts of Star Wars should be a rich source of encouragement to every aspiring screenwriter the world over—because they royally sucked. They are of the same low, amateurish quality that may be found in many first screenplays written by newbies on TriggerStreet. (Thus, many scripts and new writers have the potential to reach Star Wars heights.) Had Star Wars never happened, had Lucas uploaded his first draft onto TriggerStreet, and had he theoretically asked me to review his script for him, I’m not sure I could’ve even finished reading the darn thing.

I remember reading the first draft I’d downloaded years ago off Drew’s Script-o-Rama. It was so awful I couldn’t even finish it. Looking at his more recent output, seems to me Lucas’s bad habits came back to haunt him, with some Force compelling him to unlearn what he had learned.

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