Posted by: daveed | June 12, 2009

Where credit is due

My friend KC Tagliareni over at Shadow Works points me toward this fantastic site dedicated to the art of movie titles. There’s no fanboy “wowz, kewl!” gushing over there — the contributors are filmmakers and animators who understand how a title sequence can be both a technical achievement and an artistic expression. They review titles from classic and contemporary films, as well as television.

ironmanThe most memorable one I’ve seen recently is the end title sequence for Iron Man, designed by Danny Yount at Prologue Films. I love the distressed look of the film and the shakiness, as if watching an old Department of the Army film from the 1950s. Indeed The New York Times opined that there should be an Oscar for film title design, and duly nominated Yount’s work, among others’.

To speculate further, what if Saul Bass designed the opening credits to Star Wars?

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