Posted by: daveed | September 21, 2009

Sorry, indie

It’s official—the independent filmmaking industry, ushered in by Soderbergh’s 1989 film Sex, Lies and Videotape, is on its death bed. The killer? No surprise, it’s the blockbuster.

Very indepedent screenwriter Charlie Kaufman gives a eulogy of sorts, saying that he doesn’t even see the “mid-range movie” surviving the CGI-powered, franchise-worthy, built-in-fanboy-audience juggernaut of the blockbuster.

And according to indieWIRE, it’s even worse for independent filmmakers, who will likely have to pay to see their films exhibited. Here’s their roundup of films from the Toronto Film Festival that won’t be coming to a theater near you. Roger Ebert also provides some thoughtful insight into the current indie film crisis.

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