Posted by: daveed | November 18, 2009

Ratings game

The wizards wankers of WordPress (see update below) have added a feature that lets readers rate each article. I thought to give it a go—perhaps it’ll be a good way to gauge reactions to a blog that sees moderate traffic, but few comments.

The downside to having a ratings feature is what I call “drive-by starring” when visitors rate stuff that they didn’t even read.

The debasement of people’s reading comprehension when online is a whole other topic; suffice it to say Something Awful almost hit the nail on the head with their “The Internet Makes You Stupid” mantra. I’d argue that it makes it easier for the already stupid to share their idiocy on places like YouTube and Yelp. Yay Internets!

Update: Turns out to see the little rating starts and actually rate something you have to be viewing only that post, usually by clicking on the title, instead of viewing all the posts on a given page. So fucking stupid, I’m thinking on disabling the feature now. Nice job, WordPress. Internet dumb asses.


  1. Did you come up with the rollover text for the star ratings or was that WP too?

  2. Nope. I came up with those myself. AH HAH HAAH!!!!

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