Posted by: daveed | November 19, 2009

Also sprach Herzog

Movieline has a sit-down with Werner Herzog to talk with him about his recently founded Rogue Film School, as well as his upcoming remake of The Bad Lieutenant (though don’t tell Herr Herzog it’s a “remake”).

Man, Herzog has got to be the oddest film director to enjoy a modicum of success—and more of his share of notoriety. He’s certainly without peer, although I’ve not been too enthralled by the handful of his films that I’ve seen. If nothing else, he’s an artist with a very unique perspective of his art. Somehow I can’t see Spielberg or J.J. Abrams or (fuck no) Michael Bay ever spinning thoughts like this:

As [Bad Lieutenant] gets more and more vile and debased, Nicolas Cage enjoys himself even more. I said to him, “There’s such a thing as a bliss of evil. Go for it and enjoy it, and that will be the joy of the audience.”

I highly recommend seeing Grizzly Man, his documentary about wacked-out bear activist Timothy Treadwell. Herzog narrates the film and is even on camera for a scene or two. You definitely get a sense of the mental vibe resonating inside his Teutonic head.

Or you can watch this BBC interview during which he gets shot. No kidding:

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