Posted by: daveed | December 23, 2009

Why the internet was created

Ever wanted to play a zombie sim? How about one that let’s you unleash hordes of brain-eating undead on Washington DC? (Insert zombie-and-politician joke here.) Then this website is for you.

It’s more like a demo for now, with limited functionality, but still fun. You can mess around with several different variables such as the number of zombies, how long it takes for the infection to manifest, and so on. And the sound effects—complete with screaming victims and creepy horror music—are great.

With the promise of more to come, this could very well be the Greatest. Website. Ever.

See the preview trailer:

I established a completely fictitious DC, one in which 2nd Amendment rights were fully respected—every citizen was armed and had 100% shooting accuracy. The zombies didn’t stand a chance and the brave, gun-toting public wiped them out in less than a minute.

Naturally, an armed citizenry is our best defense against a future zombie uprising…

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