Posted by: daveed | February 5, 2010

Oscars wild

The noms are in, and they’re pretty much what I expected. Avatar has a shitload of them, and will probably walk away with a handful of statues. But a big Thumbs Up to the Academy for giving four nominations to District 9. Not only is it an amazing film, and quite possibly the best of its genre in decades, it totally kicks the crap out of Cameron’s 3D ripoff of, er paean to a bunch of other stories .

I believe the universe exists as delicate balance of opposing forces that are constantly in flux. So a big Middle Finger to the Academy for not nominating D9’s lead Sharlto Copley, and for completely ignoring Moon and its star, the irrepressible Sam Rockwell. (Apparently Sony pictures didn’t want to pony up for DVD screeners of Moon for fear of video piracy. Fucking lame excuse if I ever heard one.)

As for the rest, frankly I couldn’t give a shit. Of that list I saw I think three: Up, Coraline and the utterly atrocious Inglourious Basterds. I’ll be getting a good night’s sleep on March 7.


  1. i didn’t think Inglouroius Basterds was that terrible. You hated it that much?

  2. Long, boring, pointless. For a film about this crazy commando unit that goes Nazi hunting, there sure was very of that going on. Just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.

    I should have guessed from the very first scene at the French farmhouse.

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