Posted by: daveed | February 28, 2010

Speak the word

A group of techs have given Roger Ebert (who lost the ability to speak due to thyroid cancer) a new voice, reports the Vancouver Sun.

When I heard that Ebert could no longer speak, I felt a loss as well because he was as eloquent with the spoken word as he was with the written. His old Sneak Previews show on PBS with fellow critic Gene Siskel was my first experience with a love for cinema. And Ebert’s commentary on the Citizen Kane DVD is one of the most informative and engaging you will ever hear.

Here are his thoughts on it. Hopefully this technology will enable Ebert to once again grace a commentary track with his knowledge and wit.

Update: Ebert’s computer-assisted voice makes its debut during a segment on Oprah Winfrey’s show.

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