Posted by: daveed | March 9, 2010

Cool hand Stark

A new trailer for Iron Man 2 is out and damn if it doesn’t kick-ass:

I was late in seeing the first film—I thought it was just another comic book movie, and I’m not that big a fan of the genre. But my wife, of all people, recommended it after she saw it on a plane trip. Wouldn’t you know, it rocked.

So I’ve got high expectations for the sequel. I’m intrigued by the sequence in the trailer when Tony Stark seems to defy Congress’s attempts to appropriate his technology. Could Stark be a resurgent hero for unfairly besmirched capitalism?


  1. Loved the first movie and your wife is always right, didn’t you know? ; ) Maybe a double date for the sequel?

  2. Wouldn’t you know!!!
    Sounds good to me, Beet! let’s do it.

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