Posted by: daveed | April 7, 2010

Dark side of the bloop

Color me impressed. This guy did a total audio makeover of Dark Side Of The Moon using only an 8-bit sound chip from an old Nintendo NES.

Because Pink Floyd had a profound affect on me, I’m not quite sure what to make of this odd musical experiment. But there’s something about it I really like, particularly his electronic interpretation of the album’s glorious final act. Despite the simplicity of the 8-bit sound (in contrast to the original) listening to this part is oddly comforting:

You can listen to the entire playlist here.


  1. interesting.

    PINK FLOYD rules.

    *I wish I heard this playing in the BG when I was
    little and went to actual arcades back in the day!

    would be perfect.

    Good music translates even into 8 bit sounds and sparse midi arrangements too.

    Perhaps this was Aphex Twin’s secret.

    Translate old Pink Floyd to 8 bits and then re-arrange and mash that up and then turn on the blender with his own “recipe”…ha ha!

    Peep this:

    you might like “See the Starz Fly”.

    Curt King
    aka’ dataphere

  2. Im not a huge Queen fan but have you seen this?

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