Posted by: daveed | May 22, 2011

Eye of the beholder

I never was a huge Twilight Zone fan, probably because as a child of the 70s and 80s, I lived off a TV diet of shit-coms, cheap cartoons and less-than-basic cable. Hardly any well-paced, smart and suspenseful storytelling Rod Serling’s celebrated series was praised for. (The truly awful 1983 film adaptation didn’t help.)

Then as an adult, I’d catch a few episodes on late nights or during the occasional TZ-athon. While I enjoyed them, it wasn’t a show I’d actively seek out. But thanks to the bounty that is Netflix the entire series is available for instant streaming in HD.

So I’ve made it a point to watch the series, and will be posting thoughts from time to time on certain episodes. Stay tuned.

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