Posted by: daveed | May 25, 2011

History lesson

Today is May 25th, the real “Star Wars Day” commemorating the film’s release (and not the date derived from a stupid pun). That people still devote much energy to it—passionately, learnedly and yes, childishly—30-plus years later is astonishing. I don’t think any other film comes close to having the kind of lasting cultural impact that Star Wars has.

So today I point to the late Mystery Man on Film’s detailed and insightful survey of the various drafts of the screenplay. scripts through the tortuous paths of its  drafts. Because all filmmaking begins with a FADE IN, and there is often undergoes a tortuous journey well before the lights go down.


  1. I missed this when you first posted it (being ill and all). I often cite Star Wars as my favorite film, seeing as it made me the geek I am today and it is probably the only one of my “favorites” that my students have ever heard of….

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