Posted by: daveed | May 30, 2011

Stories well told

You know Stephen Tobolowsky, the actor? No? Remember Sammy Jenkiss?

Or how about Ned “Needle Nose” Ryerson?


Anyway, he’s been doing a fantastic podcast on /Film for about a year and a half now in which he tells very amusing, touching and inspiring stories about his life and career. Everything from wild times as a struggling young actor to classic movie moments on the set of Groundhog Day.

You’d think a b-list actor (in billing, certainly not talent) wouldn’t have that much to talk about. But Tobolowsky has resurrected the lost art of storytelling—every one plays a role in the drama, with foibles and success, pain and triumph. We fuck up. We succeed. We all have something to say. This guy just happens to do it exceptionally well.

Give it a listen.

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