Posted by: daveed | June 13, 2011

Rinse repeat

Find out if you can sit through 8-plus minutes of one of the most painfully overripe dialogue clichés:

At first, it’s excruciating. Then it’s sad. Then at around 6 minutes it gets really, really funny hearing it dubbed in a Chinese film. Even the venerable David Mamet stands accused, employing it in his otherwise excellent Spartan.

I was trying to see which film—at least in this compilation—was the first to use the line. It includes clips from Racing with the Moon with Sean Penn and Terminator, both from 1984. I wonder why this line gets so overused. In watching the clips, it’s obvious that in about 97% of the scenes it’s utterly unnecessary.

H/T to Scott at Go Into the Story. Also check out his incredibly comprehensive list of clichéd movie dialogue.

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