Growing pains

This little blog, which I only started on July 1, is coming along nicely with over 50 posts (as of mid-September) in the hopper. And thanks to everyone for checking in here, for your comments encouragement, offline as well. It’s nice to know I’m not completely talking to myself, and that someone enjoys whatever it is I’m doing.

Anyway, WordPress has a worthless tagging system that aggregates them for all of WP’s bloggerverse. In other words, click on my tag “ego” and you are taken to a WP URL that lists every fucking WP blog also tagged with “ego” instead of just my posts. Why? To “build community” or some shit, I suppose. That’s fine, but give me a practical way to navigate a single blog as well.

What’s worse, WP has things called “categories”, which are just more tags. At least the ones that are included immediately following a post (for the theme I use it says “Posted in”). The good news is that over on the left nav there’s an area I call BUCKETS that collects all my categories and only links to posts my blog. A similar category link farm is on the very bottom of each page.

So if you click “ego” there, you’ll get a list of just my posts under that category. As it should be. I’ve started using it to track what I’ve published and to refer back to earlier posts. Comes in handy, especially now that this blog is getting bigger.

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